IAA webinář: The Climate Change Adaptation Gap: An Actuarial Perspective

IAA pořádá webinář ke klimatické změně. Webunář se konná v úterý 27.6. od 14:00. Detailnější informace a registrace jsou dostupné na stránkách IAA.

The IAA’s Climate Risk Task Force will present their paper titled The Climate Change Adaptation Gap: An Actuarial Perspective in this webinar.

The paper, which was published in May 2023, is the sixth in a series of papers published by the Climate Risk Task Force. This paper aims to create awareness and assist actuaries (and others) to understand the role actuaries can play in the inter-disciplinary decision-making process relevant to climate adaptation. Given the scale of the risks and opportunities posed by climate change and adaptation, actuaries have an important role to play, and in relation to insurance, pensions, investments, and social security systems it will include advising on protection gaps, vulnerabilities, insurability, and resilience.

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Publikováno: 26. 6. 2023
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