EAA Certificate in Actuarial Data Science

Zájemce o Data science informujeme o pokroku v aktivitě EAA vydávat certifikát v této oblasti. Aprobační komise zařadila příslušné kurzy do programu dalšího vzdělávání. Více informací je dostupných na stránkách EAA.

Exploring the EAA Certificate in Actuarial Data Science

Welcome to the Newsletter on the EAA Certificate in Actuarial Data Science!

Organised by the EAA – European Actuarial Academy GmbH in cooperation with the Aktuarvereinigung Österreichs (AVÖ).

Due to technological progress in connection with Data Science and Digitalization, summarized under the buzzword Big Data, a plethora of opportunities and challenges for the industry is arising. Technological developments have now also reached the insurance industry and thus have a direct impact on the working world of actuaries.

Under the heading Actuarial Data Science, the procedures and methods of data mining are embedded in the actuarial context. These range from mathematics-driven statistical methods for derivation of insights from data to computation-driven methods sometimes summarized as machine learning. As a result of almost unlimited computing capacity through cloud computing and wide availability of training data, tried and tested methods of machine learning, such as artificial neural networks, are experiencing a renaissance in theory and practice.

Due to the importance of this topic and to provide actuaries and participants working in the field of (actuarial) data science with the necessary expertise, the European Actuarial Academy offers a brand new EAA Certificate in Actuarial Data Science consisting of four modules:

  1. Actuarial Data Science Basic – 18 April 2024, Vienna
  2. Actuarial Data Science Advanced – save the date: 12-14 September 2024
  3. Actuarial Data Science Immersion
  4. Actuarial Data Science Completion

Exam Dates

24 May 2024 | 14:00-17:00 CEST
Exam for the module Actuarial Data Science Basic

18 October 2024 | 14.00-17.00 CEST
Exam for the module Actuarial Data Science Advanced.

Exam dates in 2025 will be published at a later date.

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