Call for Papers for the International Congress of Actuaries in Paris 2006

The Scientific Committee of the 2006 International Congress of Actuaries is preparing to collect abstracts of papers to be presented during the Congress. We hope that many of you will be interested in participating in this program.

The themes we have selected are at the heart of the current issues of our profession and of our employers, whether they are insurers, reinsurers, bankers, financiers.

We encourage you to submit a paper. This is a unique opportunity to make yourself known throughout the international actuarial community. In fact, more than 2000 actuaries from around the globe will gather in Paris.

We are expecting 200 scientific papers, so I urge you to register without delay on our website regarding your intent to submit a paper. Please identify your selected subject based on one of the Congress themes. (see attached).

The timeline is as follows:

Submission of abstract: September 2004

Submission of paper: September 2005 ¨


Chairman of the Congress Scientific Committee

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