Groupe Consultatif’s 21st Colloquium – Solvable Solvency for Pensions?

To: Members of the Groupe Consultatif

Copy to Members of the Secretariats of the member associations

The Groupe’s 21st Colloquium will be held in Den Haag, Netherlands, on 21 November 2008 on the topic: Solvable Solvency for Pensions?

The brochure for the colloquium is available at:

The speakers include Karel Van Hulle, Head of Insurance and Pensions Unit, Internal Market DG; Ieke van den Burg MEP; Jaap Maassen, Vice Chairman of ERFP.

A hard copy of the brochure will be with your association’s members in the next 10 days but please bring the brochure and programme to the attention of your members via your association’s web site with a link to the URL abouve; by e-mail and by inclusion in your association’s newsletter or magazine.

Many thanks and kind regards

Deborah Rose

Secretary to Michael Lucas

Groupe Consultatif Actuariel Européen

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