Nový časopis The European Actuary

To facilitate international awareness of the actuarial profession, stimulate

contacts with key stakeholders in Europe and inform actuaries about relevant

international developments, the Deutsche Aktuarvereinigung, the Institute

and Faculty of Actuaries and the Actuarieel Genootschap initiated the launch

of a new European magazine The European Actuary (TEA).

The ambition of TEA is to disclose and share new developments and

viewpoints that are of significant interest to corporate board members,

politicians, actuarial professionals and the media in the financial, actuarial

related arena. As a biannual magazine, TEA’s objective is to promote and

support actuarial thought leadership by sharing best practices and new

insights on the cross-pad of actuarial and business practice.

The first issue can be read at The European Actuary (TEA).

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Publikováno: 3. 1. 2011
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