We use cookies to make your browsing on this site more comfortable..


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We use cookies to bring some more comfort for your browsing on this website.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files which are sent by the visited website and stored on your computer or any other device. They are used for recording information about user settings and behavior on our website, so they allow us to improve its functionality and performance. This is a usual technology used on the internet. Cookies can be temporary (for that specific relation) or permanent, which exist until you or we delete them.

How do we use cookies?

We store information about your access into the user section of the website and also some of your personal settings for this web. Cookies don't contain any personal identification data, this is just a way to pass information between relevant pages of the website. We also might use cookies to evaluate users' requests which leads to improvements of the website - typically we analyze search phrases. We also use cookies for analysis of visit rate - if this activity is intermediated by or outsourced to 3rd parties (e.g. Google, more generally any domain other than official domain of the Czech Society of Actuaries), we always make sure how they use these information and whether your personal data are not misused.

You can get more information about cookies either on Google or on Wikipedia.

Why do we point your attention to cookies?

Cookies, which are stored on your computer or browser, are available to other websites, too. These can use your cookies to target their marketing campaigns. Your privacy is our priority, so this is why we don't store any personal data in cookies. Other websites can also create their specific cookies. You can disallow cookies in your browser; however, functionality or appearance of this (or any other) website can be limited in that case. Last but not least, cookies policy (in either form) might be required by the regulator. If you allow cookies in your browser, you agree with using this technology.