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     The Czech Society of Actuaries has been established in 1992 to continue the activities of the Society of Czechoslovak Insurance Technicians founded on 27 January 1919. The Society is a voluntary association of insurance mathematicians and of professionals whose speciality is related to insurance mathematics. It aims to the broadest engagement of the actuarial profession in insurance, social security, public service and in the management of financial risks. In mediates social and professional contacts among actuaries. It promotes the education and the research in actuarial sciences.
     The Society represents the Czech actuarial profession in the International Actuarial Association and in the Groupe Consultatif des Associations des Actuaires des Pays des Communautés Européennes whose standards and recommendations it introduces into professional practice.
     In certifying the professional qualification of its members the Society relies on the syllabi of actuarial knowledge of Groupe Consultatif and on the almost centennial tradition in the education of actuaries at Prague Universities.
     Jointly with the Division of Financial and Insurance Mathematics of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University the Society organizes a regular Seminar in Actuarial Sciences for its members, for the students of Charles University and its academic staff. The Faculty gives to the Society members the opportunity of completing as external students their knowledge to fulfil the qualification requirements.

Česká společnost aktuárů
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